Tipping the Tables

Published on 11 November 2022 at 13:27

Does our Faith Inform our Politics?

Dave here.

At this stage this is just a daft idea but right now as I watch our followers on Twitter I see more and more of the vulnerable being ignored, their needs not being met, their rights being eroded and not enough being said by church leaders.

My idea would be to host a conference that would be both onsite and online with guest speakers made up of Christian leaders whose work has pioneered the causes of the most vulnerable in our society, people whose political stance is informed by their faith.

The Ordinary Office is mainly self funded by Rebecca and I and we simply don't have the finance or resources to make this happen, let alone the influence on our own.

So I'm looking for partner individuals and organisations to work with us and help make this happen and I believe there is a desperate and urgent need.

If you know of such people, please share this message with them, tag them on Twitter, urge them to get in touch and to help us make this happen really soon. This winter is going to be so tough for so many, so many that have no voice.

My details for ease are: djarvislucas@gmail.com, or 07703 347107.

Thank you.

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Deborah R Elston
2 years ago

Hi, I feel alienated, not just as a survivor of sexual abuse in the Church of England, but as a neuro diverse person. I gave evidence to Leicestershire police in 2012 as a historic case of sexual abuse in the oxfordshire diocese. Then in 2018, I was diagnosed as being autistic, had a mental health crisis and self harmed, due to the stress of being a teaching assistant in a Secondary school for eight and a half years. I am now on ESA support at 56, have moved to Bradley Stoke to be closer to my family, have now been charged an overpayment of £9402.55 by the DWP on the day the Archbishop said we should pray for Liz Truss...
I know Lucy Duckworth. have supported MACSAS in the past and was once a member of Christian Survivors of Sexual abuse founded by Dr Margaret Kennedy. It was MACSAS who encouraged me to go to the police and supported me. Unfortunately the suspect has died and his partner is too elderly to be charged, so I was told. Now I am still an outsider and support prisoners of conscience in this country jailed for climate protests as I know how it feels to be ignored, abandoned and not listened to by anyone. I am and will always be an outsider and feel an outlaw and refugee in my own country. God bless you for what you are doing and reaching out to the forgotten and isolated ones.

Deborah R Elston