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Night Prayer

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Audio versions kindly provided by Bill Shaw


Prayers prayed:

Lord, I know You carry a torch for me,

and I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Deep in the darkest night, You  love me

in all my uniqueness,

and You are the keeper of my dreams.


When my thoughts come too fast

and trouble me,

soothe me into rest,


When I get caught in the loop,

gently get me free again.

You ease the weight of my being.


You even know just when

to interrupt

this night-time conversation,


and say, 


‘Hush, enough now,

let’s talk about it in the morning…’


Even in the dark of night,

You leave a light on for me,

and are always watching over me.


Lamplighter! lover, friend,

You are the keeper of my dreams.

 be ours this night.