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Audio Provided by Bill Shaw

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Prayers prayed:

Lord the bogyman is here again

Stealing away our rest

Haunting our dreams

Playing with our fears

In the wee small hours


When our monsters stalk the corridors of our minds

Wading through the backwaters of our day

And our pain, anxiety and worries run riot

When our medication is not working

When the only voice we hear

Is the echo of our own doubt


Laughing at our fragile faith

Shaking the foundations of our belief

Wake from your sleep at the back of the boat dear Jesus

And calm the waters, quell the storm that engulfs us

Bring your calm, your peace, your rest.


When our feeble faith deserts us

And fear runs amuck

Lend us yours

We know that will be enough

As it has been so many times before


Let nothing cause us to fear

To send us running

Let no concern overwhelm us

Let all pain be dulled

All nerves be calm

Take us gently back in to sleep

Watching over us till dawn’s light


As we click the AMEN button

Let us watch others do the same

And know we are not alone

Somewhere in the night

Another calls your name