Twitter's Future

Published on 1 March 2023 at 09:53

Dave here.


There is a lot of what I believe to be irresponsible tweeting going on about the future of Twitter. The Ordinary Office is just one of many vulnerable groups that has spent a lot of time and effort building a virtual community on Twitter, communities made up of people that have come to depend on the support they offer. Irresponsible tweeting is causing a degree of fear and alarm for such vulnerable people who fear they will be left without support. I want to reassure you that the Ordinary Office is not about that. We shall remain on Twitter as kong as it exists and for the record I don’t believe it is about to close.


There has been much talk of Mastodon, as a blind person and the creator/founder of the Ordinary Office I am unable to use it as it is highly inaccessible to me, we already have accounts on Facebook and Youtube which we can make more use of should the need arise and we will continue to look for an accessible alternative to Twitter should we need it. 


For now I urge you to put your trust in prayer that having taken us far on this journey, God will continue to provide a presence for us on social media and to refrain from whipping up fear about what may possibly happen on Twitter. 


Yours in Christ


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