Why A Book Of The
Ordinary Office.


The intention of the Ordinary Office always was and indeed remains, to be an online prayer presence for those who for whatever reason feel isolated from physical church.

However many people have still been asking for a physical, tactile copy that they could carry with them.

I saw this as an opportunity to also write something about the ethos of our little community and to add extra prayers and liturgies.

There then followed what for me is a major issue on which I simply do not wish to compromise, an issue that puts me at odds with most publishers, the issue of accessibility combined with good design.

For years I have banged on about the majority of accessible documents that are produced for disabled people, the ones not written in simple English but in childish English, the ones with huge fluorescent text, the ones that shriek disabled to the whole world.

I wanted to produce a grown up looking book that was still accessible. I thought about the kind of books you see in church, bibles, hymn books, misses etc. These books are usually nicely bound, have nice marker ribbons, they are little works of art and I demand that disabled people should be able to have the same, a book that does not look out of place being carried by an adult in a Christian setting and not something from the Early Learning Centre.

So this is why I am sharing with you my initial ideas about what such a book may look like.

Already there have been some frank exchanges on Twitter.

I believe that sometimes there is a trade off between what is the most accessible and the aesthetic, I believe it is possible to have both but it will require some small compromises. I am putting these ideas out thereto garner support.

Much of the target audience for such a book are on low incomes and for them to carry the cost of such a book would be prohibitively expensive for many, therefor I am looking to find ways to get some type of sponsorship that means we can subsidise the cost so that it remains affordable. If you can help in this task, please get in touch.