Why A Book Of The
Ordinary Office.


So we want to get a copy of the Ordinary Office book in to the hands of anyone who wants one, regardless of wether they can afford it. We want to give people an idea of the cost to make and where we would price it if it were a commercial venture . 

The book is around 200 - 250 pages in Clear Print, A5 loose leaf format and will come in a ring binder with blank pages for the reader to write their own notes and as we write new material you will then be able to get those new pages and simply add them to your folder. 

It has long been my passion to see this book out there in one easy to read format, accessible to read in it’s first instance to as many people as possible. 

Usually when accessible projects like this are tackled what ends up being produced is something with a very juvenile appearance, looking as though it had come from the Early Learning Centre. Most liturgical books like prayer books, hymn books, missiles, breviaries and bibles are very well produced, nicely and expensively bound, a thing of beauty yo look at, tactile and something to be proud of. I see no reason why this book can not be the same and do not want to compromise on quality and style for the sake of accessibility. 

So I’m looking to put together a team of volunteers to make this happen. We will need people who can simply Tweet about it, people who can fundraise, people to donate materials, people to donate funds, people to be responsible for the funds, people who have the craft skills to make the binders, people to take on the role of mailing out the finished books and probably a hundred and one other things I haven’t even thought of yet.

We could have all this done professionally but it would make the costs prohibitively expensive but that is not even the point. The point is this book has grown out of our Twitter community and is for that community. I feel that it will be more of a blessing to people if it is also produced by that very community and would strongly encourage you to buy in to his project by volunteering your skills, time and resources in what ever way you can.  

If you are at all interested in seeing this come to fruition and need more information, please contact me, Dave Lucas


Email: djarvislucas@gmail.com

Tel: 07703347107

GM me through Twitter at @Ord_off